SEO 2016: Get 95 Google PageSpeed score and 1 Second Page Load Time WordPress SEO

SEO 2016: Get 95 Google PageSpeed score and 1 Second Page Load Time WordPress SEO

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SEO WordPress: Improve your website’s PAGESPEED by 4X and increase sales or conversions by 2X

Get GOOGLE pagespeed insights score above 95 for desktop and above 90 for mobile

Who is this for?

*This class is specially designed for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business owners, Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts and Website owners, who want to rank #1 in Google.
*If you’re a Content Creator, looking to increase your subscribe base and struggling to get new visitors from organic search
*Anyone who wants to improve his / her / other (e.g. your friend/client) website’s ranking in search results
*Website owners, who want to get to rank #1 in Google with SEO for WordPress
*Business owners
*Online Marketers
*Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts

Am I going to be Bored?

This is a no fluff SEO class. Each and every lecture is prepared and polished with loads of rare information, SEO tutorial that produces results and examples or research data to justify those SEO factors.

Make your website load in less than a second. The interesting part of this section is, your page speed insights score will go above 95 for desktop and above 90 for mobile

What are the requirements?

*You should have a live website and you should have the dream to get to #1 position in Google and other search engines
*If you have a live website on WordPress, then it’s better

In this course, you will get answers for the following:

5 Feature-rich Speed Testing Tools

*It says advantages and highlights of 5 speed test tool with a clear example. `
*Which tool to be used in which situations?
*How to measure Page load time effectively? – A small trick for more accuracy
*How to identify the exact culprit, that increases your page load time?
*How to measure page load time for a visitor coming from various countries?
*How much faster is your website compared to all other website?

How to be Fail Safe

*How to install, activate and configure plugin for creating database backup?
*How to take a backup of your WordPress database to your computer?
*How to restore a WordPress database from your computer to website?

Introduction to caching plugins

*Why we should install a caching plugin in WordPress? – A clear description
*What are the plugins available for Caching and which will be the best plugin for you?
*What is the need for configuring CloudFlare CDN server wide? Lecture 4
*How to install, activate and configure W3 total cache plugin? – A step by step explanation with a clear example.
*What is Edge mode? Will it cause any problem if I activate edge mode? – I answered you in this lecture
*Why to run a performance compatibility test? – The i…

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